Primogenix was founded in 2003 with the goal of deriving and distributing high quality pluripotent mouse ES cell lines from a variety of strains, which include B6, 129, and BALB/c as well as other inbred, transgenic, and knockout strains.

With almost 20 years of experience deriving, validating, and commercializing mouse ES cell lines and having derived over 100 lines, we have the experience to derive pluripotent ES cell lines from your transgenic and knockout mice. We have several highly robust and germline competent B6, 129, BALB/c ESC lines as well as other inbred and transgenic lines under development.

We were the first to derive and commercialize germline competent B6-albino ESCs.

Our specialty is producing mouse ESC lines that are both easy to culture and Go Germline.

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Fax: 573-569-4056